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Chi 气 , like Prana, is vital life force. The force that makes up and binds us together. The energy that flows through us and through everything. Chi is the purest energy arises out of awareness, mindfulness, stillness of mind - in short, it is the essence of your true self. 

I first tried yoga in 2006, and over the years I eventually learned the importance of connecting with my breathe. It was through yoga that I found my tribe, my strength, a sense of belonging. Therefore I hope to build a community of wellness and support as I believe no matter who we are/ where we are in our lives, we are all bound together by chi, the inner energy that flows within us which then flows out to the world. We are more present with our loved ones. We are kinder to ourselves and others. We feel alive. 

Get in touch if you are new to yoga or want to find out more.

Love,  Ivy x



Connect with your breath and be inspired by other yogis in group sessions. When we breathe in unison, magic happens! These sessions will be themed sometimes to focus on certain parts of our body, a yoga philosophy or fun with props. I like keeping the class size small so we have the opportunity to explore our practice together.


Private Session allows you to dive deeper into your practice. We will work on building strength and flexibility and modifying poses that suit your needs (everyone’s body is different!), and a special emphasis on proper technique which helps you reconnect and rejuvenate your mind and body. 


Millie, UK

"Absolutely loved it! Really energising and loved the restorative poses and relaxation in the end!"

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